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Welcome to Xeno. As you might've noticed already, Xeno is a Finnish Minecraft server with some weird and interesting custom features. Xeno is, and will in future, be mainly developed and present in Finnish, so some features and other stuff can be quite hard to understand.

When you join the server, you're asked if you'd like to use a resource pack. Please click 'Yes', as many of our custom features require the usage of the server resource pack. It doesn't replace any vanilla textures, so feel free to use any of your own resource packs alongside with ours.

If you still want to play on our server, you have to read and accept the SERVER RULES below. It might also be helpful to read the quick start guide below the rules.

Server rules

These are the original server rules translated breafly into English.

  1. You have to read the rules in order to play on the server. If you don't follow the rules, you might get punished.
  2. Griefing, raiding, etc. is prohibited.
  3. Hacks and mods (except Optifine and minimaps) are prohibited
  4. Bullying, irritating and similar behaviour isn't allowed
  5. Killing other players intentionally isn't allowed
  6. In the chat and/or Discord server, you must not publish
    1. street addressess or locations
    2. telephone numbers
    3. links (url addresses or domain names)
    4. other private information
    5. or other spam
  7. Respect other players
  8. Respect the staff
  9. The owner can do whatever he wants to do. If you can't live with that, you don't have to play at Xeno.
  10. The staff has their own rules. Staff members must refund any intentionally caused harm to players.
  11. Sending unnecessary tickets (/ticket) is not allowed
  12. Marketing/advertising Xeno on other servers or groups is not allowed
  13. Marketing or even mentioning other servers on Xeno is not allowed.
  14. Leave at least 30 blocks between your and other players' houses unless you're building a village or some other construction
  15. All villages are public (=anyone can build to them) IF there is no notes about it being private
  16. Use public places and devices as they're intended to be used
  17. Don't try to get to places you're not supposed to go/see
  18. Do not cause lag
    1. no massive mob farms
    2. max. 30 animals per farm
    3. no afk machines or afk farms
  19. Don't build ugly "cube houses". They'll get removed by staff.
  20. DO NOT build any constructions which
    1. look like genitals
    2. look like recognisable symbols from real life (nazi symbols, religional symbols...)
  21. Trading on the server with real money or any real objects is not allowed
  22. Only the owner of a specific Mojang account is allowed to play on Xeno with the account
    1. Make sure no-one plays with your account. Thank you.
  23. If you don't login to the server in a long time, staff might sell your belongings and buildings
    1. same thing with villages
  24. You must not
    1. practice any real religion on Xeno
    2. practice or talk about politics on Xeno
  25. Breaking the rules might lead to
    1. a ban
    2. jail
    3. muting
    4. kicking you out of the server
    5. warning
    6. or any other punishment decided by a staff member

Quick start guide

  • The multi-language system is broken at the moment. So, just live with it.
  • You can get to survival by walking out of the spawn
    • Use the railway system, it can take you far away
  • As we haven't translated any of the pages into English, try reading the wiki pages with Google translate
  • You get those small Xeni things from killing mobs.
    • Those are coins. You can transfer them to your bank account at banks by clicking the 'Pankkiiri' NPCs.
  • You can buy cool tools like hammers and excavators from tool merchants ('Työkalukauppias'). You need money to do that. They're handy when mining.
  • More custom features will be added later.